PRN Staffing, Inc. was founded by Kathleen Reynolds RN, BSN because of her desire to provide quality and affordable healthcare staffing services to clients in a variety of settings.  Kathleen worked as a Director of Nursing in a long term care facility as well as a RN on a medical floor and ICU at the University Hospital. Maintaining appropriate staffing levels with qualified professionals is a challenge Kathleen was very familiar with during her clinical management tenure. PRN Staffing, Inc. was developed for this reason.  Kathleen used her clinical background, high personal standards and knowledge of staffing management to launch PRN Staffing, Inc.  Her personal goal of providing quality staffing solutions to her clients is embodied by the administrative staff at PRN Staffing Inc. as well as the healthcare professionals that fulfill your staffing needs.


The goal of PRN staffing is to provide quality RN’s, LPN’s and CNA’s as needed to meet the facilities staffing needs. PRN Staffing shares your commitment to provide quality health care. We will respond quickly to assist you in filling your staffing needs. We will do our best to fill the position. Our hours are Monday through Friday 8:00-4:30 and after that someone will always be available to return calls and assist with your needs.


Healthcare is a demanding field that is constantly changing thus creating fluctuations in staffing levels.  Our clients are challenged daily with the need to find qualified healthcare professionals to ensure optimal care for the patients or residents they are entrusted with.  PRN Staffing, Inc. provides staffing services to long term care facilities, assisted living communities, hospitals, clinics, and industrial/occupational healthcare settings as well as a variety of additional areas.  We help our clients evaluate their current need and determine the best solution.  The majority of our clients use a temporary short term staffing option to meet their daily scheduling needs.  Short term staffing is not the only option our clients have.  Some may also opt for long term contracted solutions.  Providing quality healthcare professionals to our clients is just one of our goals.  PRN Staffing, Inc. also focuses our efforts on partnering with our clients to provide long term staffing solutions.  We know staffing – it is our business.


  • Licensed- verification of licensure is completed
  • Immunizations up to date- TB and hepatitis immunization
  • Full Identification- social security, drivers license and background checks are verified
  • References are checked
  • Completed Application form
  • Dependent Adult Abuse – Training verified
  • Uniforms – Employees are to wear standard whites, wear name tag and also have transfer belt.
  • Transfer Belt- Employee has been trained on proper use of belt
  • Background Check- Criminal background check completed.

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