“I worked with Katie Reynolds when I was serving as a nursing home administrator in Iowa City. I also know both Katie and her husband personally. They are truly very nice people and I respect their integrity.

Katie was working for the same corporation as I when I was working in Iowa City. She was invaluable to me in helping to staff the facility. Katie has worked in both the acute care and long-term care settings and knows the value of excellent staffing.

I highly recommend Katie’s staffing business, as she is well-organized and will always serve her clients in a professional manner.”

– Jeanene Muller, CHSP, LNHA

“I worked with Katie Reynolds for several years at the University of Iowa. She is a compassionate, empathetic nurse that puts her patients first. She is honest and demands the best from anyone who is working with her. She is competent, hardworking and has an excellent knowledge of health-care. She is simply one of the best nurses that I have known in my 20 years as a registered nurse.”

– Kathy McKay, RN

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